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Welcome to Venom Nation
Welcome to Venom Nation

18" Small Neonate Hooks

  • SMALL BUT PERFECT FOR THE JOB! Made from the thinnest aluminum tubing we could find, and at 18” in total length, these hooks are meant to be small and easy to work with.

  • THE HOOK END IS MADE from 1/8” stainless steel which lends itself to the perfectly balanced nature of this hook. Hand bent, and with all of the edges smoothed out, there is nothing sharp about the tip of this small hook so its gentle on the young ones.

  • AS THE NAME 'NEONATE' IMPLIES, this hook was created to be used with baby snakes but is perfect for all kinds of small snakes. As many of our designs are born, we started making these hooks after one of our customers mentioned he was using a metal coat hanger as a hook to work with very small species of baby venomous snakes.

  • WE DECIDED WE COULD DO BETTER, and so we did. If you’re looking for something slightly bigger check out our Viper Series hooks at 22” and 24” in length!