VENOMLIFE is a brand for, and a representation of, those who appreciate, love, keep, work with, and educate the public about venomous animals. Particularly venomous snakes. Venom is associated with the loss of life, but is also a giver of life and are some of the most diverse naturally occurring biochemical cocktails on the planet.

Some of the common medications used in human medicine today is comprised of or derived from at least some components found in venoms. Also the life saving antivenom administered after an envenomation is made directly from the venom itself. Venom Life is all about the positives we have in our lives from venom, and therefore VENOM = LIFE. 

Brent Schulze 
Co-Founder and CEO of Venom Life Gear L.L.C.

Then Venom Life

Partnered with the

Asclepius Snakebite Foundation

Venom Life Partnered with the Snakebite Foundation before we even launched our first T-Shirt! As professionals in the industry, we know how much good can actually come from venom. From drugs used by a lot of the population to antivenom itself, venom can do as much good as it appears to do bad. The Snakebite Foundation does everything possible to relieve the developing world from disability and death from envenomations worldwide. Learn More at the foundations website by clicking the link below.

snakebitefoundation.orgDonate Now!

We started off as

a very small business

Venom Life Gear isCo-owned by Brent Schulze & Chris Woodcock, who met at a Biology of the Pit Vipers conference in 2014, and started playing with the idea around the summer of 2017. Both being professionals who work with venomous snakes, they realized that there were no real 'everyday' clothing for those who wanted to express their love for venomous animals. We decided to create that option, not just for ourselves, but for everyone! You do not have to be a venomous snake person to appreciate or wear our brand! We strive to ensure quality clothing, and the best service available in everything we do. We love what we do and do what we love!

Our team here at Venom Life is always open to suggestions and would love to hear from you! Please let us know what you love, what you'd like to see, and what we could do better. You can contact us by clicking the button below and send us a message!

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The people that

Make us possible

Brent Schulze

Co-Founder / CEO

Brent knew at the very young age of 5 that he wanted to work with animals and was always infatuated with reptiles. Snakes were a particular interest and as soon as he was introduced to the venomous species of snakes he knew this would be his greatest love in nature. "My neighbors took me down to a local pond in my home town near Denver Colorado to catch snakes when I was about 6 years old. I was immediately Hooked.  I wouldn't be who I am, doing the things I am doing, had it not been for them. Thank you both". He has since kept snakes as a hobby and professionally for decades and has worked with venomous snakes in all settings and in every way including field research, radio telemetry studies, keeping collections in zoos and museums, training handling techniques for the Department of Defense, educating groups including medical professionals and state wildlife officers, and much more. Brent left his music career in 2011 to pursue his dream of being a herpetologist and graduated from Fort Hays State University with a B.S. in Zoology in 2016. He is now on the board of the Asclepius Snakebite Foundation, Helped start and run Get Hooked Snake Hooks. He continues to do venomous snake trainings and is VP and Director of Sales for M Toxins Venom Lab, providing venom for pharmaceuticals, life saving antivenom, and evolutionary research worldwide.  

Chris Woodcock

Co-Founder / COO

As most of us did, Chris’ passion for all things reptile started at a young age. “I can remember a guy showing off a few snakes that he had caught near our house and I was completely enthralled.” Since that time Chris has kept hundreds of snakes including local venomous snakes which were used mostly as visual aids during talks on envenomations to EMS and hospital personnel as well as EMS students. He received his venomous training hours from Carl Barden and Mara Roberts at the Reptile Discovery Center (2014 - 2016). It was during this time that Chris started making snake hooks. Shortly before that, Chris was introduced to an aspiring zoologist, Brent Schulze, at Biology of the Pit Vipers 2 symposium. This started a friendship which has now turned into a business partnership where the 2 of them started and ran gGet Hooked Snake Hooks together before starting VenomLife as a second business together. Chris retired from the Seminole County Fire Department in June 2018 after 30 and a half year career as a fire fighter/ paramedic. He lives in Central Florida.

Tom Yoosoontrong

Customer Service / Account Manager

Myke Clarkson

Affiliate Marketing / Branding

Myke Clarkson is an Executive Producer, Camera Operator, Photographer, Author and Reptile Conservationist. He currently serves on the board of two herpetology related non-profit organizations, The International Herpetological Symposium as the Media Director and Herpetological Conservation International as the President. In addition to nearly a decade in television, specializing in Natural History and Development, Myke has also co-authored both books and scientific publications. While he has made several other onscreen appearances, his first hosting endeavor was with Beyond The Glass, a CSR for Zilla Pet Products produced by Pelamis Productions in 2018.