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Welcome to Venom Nation
Welcome to Venom Nation

Drag Hooks - Large

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  • MADE TO MOVE THE BIG BOYS (AND GIRLS)! The shaft is made from either a 30” or 40” section of 3/4” schedule 40 pipe depending on your needs.
  • THE HOOK END is made from our sturdy 1” wide - 6061 aluminum flat stock material, but instead of having a rounded hook end this product is made using a straight piece of aluminum flat stock.
  • THIS IS MEANT TO PULL large constrictors from the farthest areas (out of reach) of cages and large enclosures. It has been particularly useful when large, very strong constrictors are pressed tight to the back of an enclosure and need to be dragged to the front of the cage for removal by hand.
  • THIS KEEPS THE ANIMAL HANDLER SAFE from climbing in head first while not harming the animal and maintaining control. None else is making a hook like this so get yours here today!
  • IF YOU'RE WANTING SOMETHING MORE TRADITIONAL with a round hook end, check out our Python Hook which has 2 different size openings as options!

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