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NOW 40% OFF ALL APPAREL - Discount at Checkout!
NOW 40% OFF ALL APPAREL - Discount at Checkout!

Viper Series Hooks

  • ONE OF OUR BEST SELLERS! These versatile hooks are made using narrow, thin-walled aluminum tubing that is much stronger and durable than anticipated.
  • THIS HOOK WORKS GREAT for many species both venomous and non-venomous in nature. The hook end is made from 3/8” 2024-T6 aluminum round bar and can be made with the standard beveled end or as a cone-shaped end.
  • OUR CONICAL HOOK END has proven very useful for picking up animals from all sides, particularly on hard or slick surfaces, and is something you’ll have to try for yourself to see!
  • THESE HOOKS CAME INTO PRODUCTION after we had numerous requests to make hooks for smaller venomous snakes, and although they were intended for use with small arboreal vipers and crotalids, they work great for small aggressive non-venomous snakes as well. At this time we are offering these shafts in four anodized colors, 2 grip color options, and hope to add to this line of hooks and color options soon!
  • LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SLIGHTLY SMALLER? Check out our 18” Neonate Series Hooks, designed to be compact and perfect for babies and hatchlings of all species!

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