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Welcome to Venom Nation
Welcome to Venom Nation

Standard Series Hooks


  • BUT WHO WANTS STANDARD? The first thing we hear when a customer picks up this hook is “this hook is incredibly lightweight!”.

  • OUR 3 LENGTHS OF STANDARD HOOKS at 32”, 36” and 40”, are made with a chrome plated-tapered steel shaft that is very durable and strong, and it looks good! We can make them longer than 40” by special request but believe that as the hook becomes longer the amount of control in most situations equally lessens.

  • OUR HOOK END, or ‘foot’ of the hook, is made of 5/16” - 2024 T6 aluminum round bar which is hand bent and shaped on every hook. We offer these with a traditional beveled tip or a cone-shaped tip which has proven very useful for picking up animals from all sides, particularly on hard or slick surfaces.

  • WHETHER YOU DO MOST OF YOUR HANDLING INSIDE OR OUTDOORS, we make this hook well balanced for maximum control in every situation. These hooks, however, are meant to manipulate animals only and is not a ‘field’ hook as the end is aluminum and can bend if used to lift heavy materials such as logs and rocks. We offer L-Style stump-ripper hooks for this type of field work which have a heavy-duty steel end with cut-outs for extra grip.

  • AND IF YOU"RE LOOKING FOR EVEN MORE COMFORT and control check out our custom hooks with larger, high quality, putter grips!