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NOW 40% OFF ALL APPAREL - Discount at Checkout!
NOW 40% OFF ALL APPAREL - Discount at Checkout!

Rack Tools 32" ( Tub Openers )

  • THE SAFER WAY TO WORK, and designed to assist in the opening and closing of rack and tub systems, but useful for some caging with doors as well, this 36” product is sure to work every time, opening high-up racks and low to the ground racks effectively.
  • PERFECT FOR USE WITH VENOMOUS SNAKES in lab settings, breeder racks with feisty animals, or even rodent breeders, we want the safest and easiest interactions for you and your animals. We use a chrome plated steel shaft and welded 6061 aluminum flat stock for the end which is in direct contact with the tub or door. This is a square 1 ¼” X 1 ¼” piece of aluminum welded to a smaller round bar made tip fit snug inside the hollow shaft of the tool.
  • THE 3/8" THICKNESS OF THE SQUARE END has fit perfectly in every set up we have tried to date, and if this isn’t the case for you just let us know and we can return yours and make one that works for you! We can make these in different lengths by special request, though our standard 36” product has worked great historically in many different environments.

 These can be made other lengths by custom request. Just let us know!