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NOW 40% OFF ALL APPAREL - Discount at Checkout!
NOW 40% OFF ALL APPAREL - Discount at Checkout!

Python / Gaboon Hooks

  • LARGE HOOKS FOR LARGE ANIMALS! The shaft is made from either a 30” or 40” section of 3/4” schedule 40 pipe depending on your needs.

  • THE HOOK END is made from our sturdy 1” wide - 6061 aluminum flat stock material. The hook end can be made to a larger diameter 6” opening to accommodate larger snakes such as pythons and anacondas, or it can have smaller 5” opening for younger constrictors that may not have as much girth.

  • THE SMALLER OPTION is also great for heavy bodied venomous snakes such as Gaboon vipers, Rhino Vipers, or even robust rattlesnakes.

  • WE MAKE A SHORTER VERSION of this hook which is our 30” handle with the larger opening which is perfectly suited for blood pythons.

  • IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO HELP get the animals out of large enclosures be sure to check out our Python Drag hooks which are designed at 90 degrees and are meant for just this task!

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