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Welcome to Venom Nation
Welcome to Venom Nation

VLG Dart Jerseys

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** Note - These are normal jerseys and are not in fact sleeveless! They only appear that way because this is only a proof until our first shipment arrives soon!**


You don't have to actually play the game of darts to look like a pro! We have proudly partnered with Monstah Clothing to make these one-of-a-kind custom dart shirts! These jerseys are super comfortable and look professional! Made from a lightweight material, you can support your favorite VLG players or get your own name and any of your own sponsor logos by customizing your own today! 

The top black rectangle is the collar which has the website on the back and the icon logo on both front corners. Venom life across the front chest (left) and the VLG dart logo on the back (right)! The lower 2 shapes represent the L and right sleeves respectively with the Monstah Clothing logo on the Right sleeve and the Asclepius Snakebite Foundation logo on the Left Sleeve, the Non-profit where 10% of VLG sales goes to help relive the developing world from snake bite-related loss of life and limb. 

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